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  Jewellery Types - listings and descriptions
Many variations in each listed category.

Opal Earrings

Opal Pendants

  • Gold/rhodium plated solid opal earrings.
  • Sterling silver/gold plated silver solid opal earrings.
  • Gold/rhodium plated & sterling silver opal triplet earrings.
  • 14ct/18ct gold solid white/black/crystal opal earrings.
  • 14ct gold opal triplet earrings.
  • 14ct/18ct gold opal doublet earrings.
  • 18ct gold opal inlayed earrings.
  • Gold/silver plated opal triplet pendants
  • Gold plated silver/sterling silver opal triplet pendants
  • 14ct/18ct gold opal triplet pendants
  • Gold/rhodium plated solid opal pendants
  • Gold plated silver solid opal pendants
  • 14ct/18ct gold solid white/black/crystal/boulder opal pendants.

Screw-on and Clip-on Earrings


  • Gold/rhodium plated
  • sterling silver
  • 14ct gold solid/triplet opal
  • Sizes J to W
  • Gold/rhodium plated solid/triplet Opal rings
  • 14ct/18ct gold, platinum, solid white/black/crystal/boulder Opal rings with/without diamonds
  • 18ct gold Opal inlayed rings

Other Jewellery


Opal Bracelets and Brooches
  • Gold plated solid/triplet Opal bracelets
  • 14ct/18ct gold solid Opal bracelets
  • Gold/rhodium plated, Sterling silver solid/triplet Opal brooches
  • 14ct/18ct gold solid black/crystal Opal brooches

Opal Tiebars, Tietacs and Cufflinks

  • Gold/rhodium plated solid/triplet/mosaic Opal tiebars
  • Gold/rhodium plated solid/triplet/mosaic Opal tietacs
  • Gold/rhodium plated solid/triplet/mosaic Opal cufflinks
  • Gold/rhodium plated solid/triplet/mosaic Opal tiebar and cufflink matching sets

Opal Watches

  • Opal mosaic watches. Variety of brands all with at least 12 months guarantee. Leather and bracelet bands.

RD Opal Centre in Coffs Harbour, NSW.
   Opal Miners and Wholesalers.

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